Theme: Figurative paintings, Painting the bodies of Females and Males. Understanding the Paintings of natural beauty with New Perspectives.
Painting is the language of colours. Depiction of natural beauty of human body has been one of the favorite subjects for the artists.

Here this is a painting of a woman coming out of her bath, the artist is John Godward. I have selected this to put here because it reminds me the Goddess of Love, Venus. The Venus has remained inspiration of almost all the painters while they do figurative art, especially painting natural beauty of females.
In the following articles, the journey would be in the beautiful field of figurative paintings. The artists shown in right sidebar would be companions to the viewers who had interest in understanding the art of painting in general and the figurative art in particular. The artists here have tried injecting beauty into their paintings; and the lifeless canvases have become lively by the magical touches of bright and subdued colours of the master painters. They have used all the colours of the rainbow to make these male and female figures alive; they have left no hue untouched; they have left no tonal value of a colour unused.